KALUMA Precision Machining


Kaluma Machining specializes in manufacturing precision component parts using the latest CNC technology. From short to long runs to prototypes and full production milling, let us mill your next project!

+ Milling

We utilize the latest generation Haas CNC machines with tolerances as high as +/-.0002". Our 4 and 5-axis units allow the most precise and efficient milling.

- Simple and complex part milling.
- Prototyping and complete production runs.
- Secondary operations and part modifications.
- Machine engraving.

+ Materials

We have experience milling a variety of materials. The most common alloys and materials are listed below:

- Aluminum Alloys
- Cold Roll/Stainless steel
- Titanium Alloys
- Copper Alloys/Brass
- Thermoplastics (Peek, Polycarbonate, Acrylic)

+ Finishes

Prior to shipment all items are carefully inspected, deburred, and run through our Ultrasonic Cleaners. The following are common finish options.

- Unfinished
- Beadblast
- Brushed
- Tumble
- Passivation
- Anodization
- Electropolished

+ Industries

We service some of the following industries, however, our doors are open to any organization or individual needing precision milling.

- Research
- Electrical
- Medical
- Aerospace
- Universities
- Optical
- Automotive
- And others.